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8 oz Dragons Blood Beeswax Candle
8 oz Dragons Blood Beeswax Candle

Dragons Blood Beeswax Mason Jar Candle | 8 oz

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Dragons Blood Beeswax Mason Jar Candle | 8 oz
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You traveled to the depths of the earth searching for princess whatever her name is. You get to the tower, are the first to arrive, and think this may be your lucky day to save a damsel in distress. Then here comes the fire breathing dragon to ruin your day. You make haste and slay the dragon that's hindering your wedding plans. As the dragon lies there, you smell something amazing - his blood. You forget about the princess, find a wine barrel, and start stock piling this amazing scented liquid. You sell it to Zax Beeswax and viola - Dragons Blood Beeswax Candles!

DRAGONS BLOOD -Warm blend of myrrh, dragons blood, patchouli; with woodsy notes of rose and jasmine and notes of woody musk.

Our scented Beeswax Mason Jar Candles are made with a blend of beeswax and sustainable harvested all natural coconut oil. This blend ensures an absolutely perfect burn and maximum fragrance release. Although blended, this candle is still over 75% pure and natural beeswax.

  • Estimated Burn Time: 45+ Hours
  • Package Size: 1 Jar
  • Measurements / Weight: 8 ounce Mason Jar
  • Ingredients: Pure American Beeswax, Sustainable coconut oil, Zinc-Free Cotton Wicking, Phthalate- free fragrance oil.

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