Candle Quality:

In order to label a candle as “pure” beeswax, it must contain at least 51% Beeswax.  Often a candle is labeled as “Pure” when it contains only 51% Beeswax blended with a cheaper wax such as Paraffin and Soy.

At Zax Beeswax, all of our candles are made with at least 75% Beeswax.  Our scented mason jar candles are blended with organic, non-toxic coconut oil because it assists with releasing the fragrance and provides for a perfect burn in the jar.

All of our pillar candles, tea lights candles, and votive candles are made with 100% Pure and Natural Beeswax. We do not artificially color our candles and yes, we refuse to do so. We prefer to stay with the natural colors that nature provides. The color of wax is determined by the type of pollen the bees use to make the beeswax, the age of the beeswax, as well as the region of the United States the wax is produced. Because our beeswax is purchased from apiaries all over the United States, the wax color may vary from golden to bright yellow.

We strive to use Essential Oils to scent our candles whenever practical. All our essential oils are derived from natural ingredients. We only purchase pure high-grade aromatherapy essential oils for use in our candles.

All of our fragrance oils are highly concentrated and used at a ratio of less than 3% to ensure burning efficiency and to keep the viscosity of our candles above par.  

All of our candles are handmade here in the United States.

The Beeswax:

We use only purchase 100% pure American Beeswax.  We support family and small business as all of our beeswax comes from small individually or family owned apiaries.  We strive to purchase our beeswax locally here in Illinois when possible. All of the beeswax is triple filtered and inspected for the high quality we demand. As of 12/17/2018 our beeswax is being sourced from family owned apiaries in New York (3), Ohio (2), Illinois (3), Wisconsin (1), and North Carolina (1).

Our Honey

Working with several family owned apiaries in the United States; we come across some amazing craft honeys. We offer a unique line of 100% Pure and Raw Honey, some of which you may not find elsewhere. Our honey is never pasteurized and contains all the live pollen and enzymes that make honey so beneficial. Because our honey is raw, most of it will crystallize or "thicken" to a spoon able texture. This is completely normal and is a sign that the honey truly is raw. 

The Environment:

We care about the environment! We use recyclable, renewable, or natural products in manufacturing, shipping, and selling our candles . We package our candles using Kraft (recycled) paper and shipping boxes made of recycled material. Even our labels are printed on recycled Kraft paper.  We sell our jar candles in reusable and recyclable mason jars. Our wicks are made of zinc and lead free, 100% natural cotton.

When it comes to our shipping materials; we use recycled cardboard boxes, recycled Kraft paper, recycled corrugated cardboard packaging, and biodegradable - natural - corn made peanut packing. At times we do have to use plastic bubble wrap to ensure your candles arrive safely.

Yes we do use plastic tea light cups! But we do this for good reason. Not only do they look better than the aluminum cups; they ship better, hold the candle better, and can be re-used or recycled.  Most people throw out their flimsy aluminum tea light cups after their tea light candles are burned. We encourage our customers to re-use the plastic tea light cups as they are easy to clean durable, and can withstand multiple candle burns. We even sell tea light candle refills at a discounted price for this purpose!

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