Bees Keep the World Alive!

Sound like a stretch?

Consider the circle of life and the interconnections of all things. Everything that we humans do, every choice we make, every dollar we spend, has an effect.

Consider the relationship of humans and bees. Honeybees are vitally important creatures in nature. They are also the principal pollinators of our fruit, nut and vegetable crops.

Without bees, life as we know it would change drastically for the worse. With the current trend, this is a very real and dreadful possibility.

Humans have so poisoned the ecosystem with chemical agriculture (oil, again) that today the bees are dying worldwide in alarming and record numbers. When we support chemical agriculture, we contribute to that devastation. But when we choose to support organic agriculture, we contribute to the healing, to health in general. When we buy and burn chemical candles, we harm ourselves and our world. When we support beekeepers and bees, well, we help save the world. Simple as that.


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