Follow our tips to get a cleaner, safer, and longer burn of your Pure Beeswax Candles.

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Zax Beeswax mason jar candles.

Ensure that your candle is placed away from pets, flammable items, and drafts.  Before each lighting of your Mason Jar Candle, trim the wick to ¼” long. Once lit, allow a full wax pool to form that covers the top of the candle before extinguishing. Burning your mason jar candles in this manner will prevent the candle from burning a hole down the center (tunneling) and keep wax off the side of the mason jar. If was does build up along the side of the jar, simply push it down towards the flame so it can melt. Our candle burning tool works great for this.  If there is a carbon build up (resembles a little black mushroom at the top of the wick) or black smoke (soot) then extinguish the candle, cut the wick, and re-light. Our Wick Trimmers are made for this purpose!

When extinguishing the candle, either dip the wick into the wax pool by finger or by using our Wick Dippers . Dipping the wax and pulling it out ensures it is primed for a perfect burn when its re-lit. 

Pillar Candles

Ensure that your candle is placed away from pets, flammable items, and drafts. Pillar Candles must be burned on a heat and flame resistant plate or inside a container specifically designed to burn pillar candles. Do not burn in hurricane candle holders. Beeswax candles burn at a much higher temperature than other waxes. Hurricane candles holders intensify the heat of the candle and can break or cause your beeswax candle to burn quicker than designed. Trim the wick of your Pillar Candle to ¼” long before each lighting. For full wax consumption, let a wax pool form to the outer edge of the candle by allowing the pillar to burn for at least 4 hours each time you light it. Burning the candle for at least 4 hours will prevent your Beeswax Pillar Candle from burning a hole down the center, otherwise known as tunneling. As the Pillar burns down, you can fold the edges into the wax pool for an even burn.  If there is a carbon build up (build up that resembles a little black mushroom), extinguish the candle, cut the wick, and re-light. Our Wick Trimmers are made for this purpose! To extinguish the candle, use your finger or one of our Wick Dippers to dip the wax into the wax pool. Pull the wick up and it will be primed for a perfect burn next time.

Taper Candles (Candlesticks)

Taper Candles should tight in a secure taper candle (candlestick) holder. Taper candle wicks should be trimmed to a 1/2 inch.  There should be a slight curve to the wick when your taper candle is burning.  If a carbon (build up that resembles a little black mushroom) develops on the tip of the wick, extinguish the candle, trim the wick, and relight. Normally natural beeswax candles are drip less, however all candles are sensitive to drafts and therefore should be kept out of drafty areas. When a candle flame is exposed to a draft, it may start to flicker. If your candle drips, extinguish, remove the candle from the draft and relight.  Forced air furnaces, ceiling fans and quick movements around the candle all create draft. 

Extinguish the flame of your candle before it comes in contact with your holder as the heat may crack glass holders. 

Votive Candles

Ensure that your candle is placed away from pets, flammable items, and drafts.  Votive candles should be burned in a cup or container specifically designed for votive candles as they  are designed to fully liquefy. Candles in glass cups require special attention. Choose an appropriate holder, as the thickness of the glass cup will affect the quality of the burn.  Remember that beeswax candles burn hotter than other waxes.  Thick holders draw heat away from the Votive and may cause an incomplete burn. The wicks of our Votive candles should be cut to 1/4 inch prior to each burning. Placing the votive container in the freezer after the candle had completely burned will make it easier to remove any remaining wax. We recommend using a butter knife to pry away the cold wax. 

Tealight Candles

Ensure that your candle is placed away from pets, flammable items, and drafts. Tealight candles must be burned in the tea light cups provided or other cups made specifically for them to burn. You should NOT cut the wick prior to lighting. Light the wick at the bottom where it meets the wax. Ensure that when lighting the wick you are also melting some of the wax where the wick meets the beeswax. This ensures there is liquid beeswax for the wick to pull up and burn.  Tealight candles will fully liquefy, will burn approximately 4 hours, and should be allowed to burn in their entirety after lighting.  If you choose to extinguish the candle it may not relight, or burn improperly if less than half the wax remains. Thick candle holders draw the heat away from the Tealight and you may cause an incomplete burn. Burning Beeswax tea lights without an approved tea light holder may cause the plastic to burn, the candle to burn too hot, and is considered a fire hazard. 

Beeswax Fire Starters

Set up your wood and kindling in an effective manner to start a fire, surrounding the Zax Beeswax fire starter. Starting from the top, light the talles point of paper, and 2-3 corners of the paper wrapper surrounding the fire starter. Keep building the fire, placing more wood and kindling around the fire starter as needed. 

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