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Wick Trimmer by Wickman
Wick Trimmer by Wickman

Candle Wick Trimmer | Wickman

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Candle Wick Trimmer | Wickman
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Candle Wick Trimmer by Wickman Candle Accessories

Did you know that you should trim your candle wick to 1/4 inch prior to lighting it?  Trimming the wick to prior to each burn will maximize your candle's burn time, limits soot, and keeps your candle flame reasonably sized. We know what you're thinking; "But I can't fit a pair of scissors that fit inside of my Zax Beeswax Mason Jar"!

Our high quality wick trimmers by Wickman feature a long handle, a flat cutting blade, and circular wick rest perfect for use in our beeswax mason jar candle varieties. The long handle allows you to get inside of our mason jar candles, while the flat blade with wick tray allow you to cut the wick and keep the burnt wick and debris out of the wax. Our premium wick trimmer is the perfect accessory to assist with your candle maintenance needs. Make wick trimming a breeze with our signature wick trimmer. You won't realize you needed one until you have one!

  • Package Size: 1 Wick Trimmer
  • Manufacturer: Wickman 

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