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Thieves Oil Aromatherapy Beeswax Mason Jar Candle
Thieves Oil Aromatherapy Beeswax Mason Jar Candle

Thieves Oil Aromatherapy Beeswax Mason Jar Candle | 16 oz

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"Thieves Oil" Type Aromatherapy Beeswax Mason Jar Candle | 16 oz
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Thieves Oil®  Aromatherapy Beeswax Mason Jar Candle


During the days of the burbonic plague that decimated Europe and Asia, there is a legend of four thieves. These thieves were former perfumist and known to steal from the dead and infected. They did this for years without ever being affected by the deadly disease. After years of stealing, they were caught and sentenced to be burned at the stake for their crimes. They were offered leniency if they revealed how they avoided contracting the disease. Eventually they explained the concoction of herbs, garlic, and vinegar used to make this miracle medicine. They claimed the blend was rubbed on their bodies and kept them from ever being affected by the disease, despite physical contact with the infected. After the secret was revealed, they were executed.

Since that time, researchers have taken essential oils from herbs and products used in the original blend and applied them to popular immune support blends. They are believed to; and some studies claim; that the blend is effective in fighting airborne illness. It is from this research, that we created our own blend / version of Thieves Oil.

THIEVES OIL ® -  A robust earthy fragrance with top notes of sharp lemon eucalyptus, middle notes of cinnamon and cedar wood, with a base of clove and nutmeg. Our exclusive Thieves Oil ® blend of essential oils will keep your home feeling warm and smelling amazing. Thieves Oil is known for sterilizing the air and reducing airborne germs. 

Thieves Oil® Is a registered trademark of Zax Beeswax Inc.

Product Specifications

Because we purchase beeswax from several family owned apiaries, there may be some fluctuation in beeswax color. The color of beeswax is determined by the type of pollen the bees use, the climate, and the age of the wax. Our traditional beeswax color ranges from a bright yellow to a full golden color. All of our candles are hand poured  and made to order. As candles are handmade, there may be some slight variation from the candles shown in picture.

Unlike our 100% Beeswax candles, this candle is a blend of beeswax and sustainable harvested, natural coconut oil. This blend ensures an absolutely perfect burn and maximum fragrance release. Although blended, this candle is still over 75% pure and natural beeswax. 

  • Estimated Burn Time: 125+ Hours
  • Package Size: 1 Candle
  • Measurements / Weight: 16 Ounce Mason Jar
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure & Natural Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Pure essential oils, Zinc-Free Natural Cotton Wicking.

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