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Candle Wick Tool | by Wickman

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Candle Wick Tool | by Wickman
Part Number: ACCES-TOOL
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Candle Wick Tool by Wickman Candle Accessories

Ever loose your wick in a pool of molten beeswax? Maybe you cut that wick to short and it won't stay lit because of the high wax around it? Our candle wick tool by Wickman candle accessories is the answer to your problems! Simple use this candle saving device to dig your wick out of darkness! This handy little tool seconds as a wick dipper for a great smokeless alternative to blowing out your candles.   Wickman is THE authority in high quality candle accessories!  Zax Beeswax prides ourselves on high quality products and strive to ensure what we offer our customers is of  premium quality!  Buy a Wickman candle tool today and ensure our high quality beeswax candles burn until the last drop!

  • Package Size: 1 Candle Wick Tool
  • Manufacturer: Wickman 

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